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Vigil: Spiritual reflections on your money and sanity

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Kavar Posted on May 23, by Lou. Posted in Spirituality Tagged generosity , giving , grace , kindness , Mother , realm of God Leave a comment. Posted in Spirituality Tagged generosity , giving , money , spirituality 2 Comments. Enter your email address to follow this blog:.

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Spirituality is the dimension of human experience which enables us to create, discover, or encounter meaning, purpose and value. A resource to individuals living in the post-modern world who seek to create or discover meaning, purpose and value rooted in spiritual practice. Search for:. Want to become a regular guest blogger?

Email me at lou loukavar. The unbelievable acts of terror have stunned and pained peace-loving people everywhere. We, Korean women, who have suffered tragedy and pain since the division of Korea and the Korean War, understand the psychological trauma and fear of all those who have lost family members, friends, and property in this catastrophe, and we extend our sympathy to those in mourning.

We stand firmly opposed to terror, violence and war. We, peace-loving women, believe that acts of terror should be eradicated. At the same time, we believe the means to eradicate terror cannot be violent. Any retaliatory warlike act will surely bring pain to innocent victims. We believe the causes of terrorist acts and wars originate from hatred and thoughts of revenge.

May you be happy, healthy + peaceful.

Sullivan Some of the resources and authors mentioned in this episode: Allison M. It reminds us that we are always in the process of writing new words, new pages, and new chapters to be remembered, retold and celebrated in the future. There is not enough time, money, joy, fulfillment, success. Driven by his passion to raise awareness and support for poverty and justice issues, Rich authored The Hole in Our Gospel and a new book called Unfinished. Many Chrismons have been created by faithful people and I thought I might share some of them with you. Our lives are limited.

Therefore, we should punish terrorists on the one hand and look for peaceful means to reduce or eliminate hatred and vengeful thoughts on the other. We believe that the roots of terrorism should be exterminated.

INTERVIEW: Pamela Ayo Yetunde, Creator of the Dharma Care Website

Various conflicts can best be resolved through peaceful means such as dialogue, understanding, negotiation and mediation based on justice and trust. We are anxious about hasty and excessive retaliation on the part of the United States. People who support peace and justice around the world are anxious about any hasty and excessive retaliation since the US President George W. Bush has declared war.

If the US government attacks the terrorists and other targets with new high-tech weapons including possibly nuclear weapons without caution, those in the Middle East who have condemned the acts of terror in the US will be forced to enter the violent cycle of retribution.

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The US government should not commence any warlike acts where civilians will be sacrificed. Rather, the path of negotiation, building consensus in the international community, and other legal steps must be the course taken.

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We are concerned that any retaliative warlike act by the US will trigger another arms race and a rise in global militarism. We are anxious about the possibility that the US might use the war as an excuse to justify military expansion and experimentation with new high tech weapons in Afghanistan. We worry that the world will be divided between countries who join any such war efforts and others who do not.

We stand at the beginning of the 21st century. What will we hand over to our descendants? Are we going to bequeath lands wasted by war or lands where peace, equality, and prosperity flourish? We ask the US government to look for some means to eradicate acts of terror other than military methods. Discussion with people, other countries, and international organizations that support peace and justice is the route to take. We do not want the South Korean government to support any retaliative warlike actions. The South Korean government must stand for peace and build peace on the Korean peninsula and in the world.

We urge the South Korean government to support humanitarian aid to the US but not to take part in any military moves. We urge the governments of North and South Korea to make unsparing efforts to build peace on the Korean peninsula and in the world.

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We, women who know about wars, are convinced that violence and military force can never bring peace. In this belief, we are strongly united against any acts of war, and demand peaceful resolution of all conflict. We are working hard to create and maintain peace in the world. We are joining hands with other Korean peace groups and civil organizations and with like-minded organizations around the world.

In closing, we wish to state again that we stand in sympathy and understanding with US citizens at this time of great loss. Dear Mr. Kapoor, The situation in last two weeks has been extremely worrysome. After the tragic events of May 11 the fear of war looms large in the neighborhood. It is time nonviolence must assert itself. It will be nice if you could kindly put this information in your network, also the note below if possible.

Best regards. Across the world, October 2nd is being planned as a "Global vigil For Peace" please see the attachment. The intention is to try to organise as many local neighbourhood vigils for Peace as possible. Please find as attachments- a short account of the Peace vigil of 25th September held in Hyderabad, India, the appeal circulated for a signature campaign in Telugu and English , and the letter announcing the Global vigil for Peace on the 2nd October. Telephone: Friends A number of initiatives are taking place in the city in the background of the attack on the World Trade Tower on 11th September and the impending large scale retaliation that the united States is clearly planning in Afgasnisthan.

Details of the programme is given below. This is to invite all of you to participate in the above activities. Prabir Purkayastha Javed Malik We will definitely participate and we will also encourage our own circle also to come for this. If there is anything specifically that you want us to do kindly write to us. Looking forward to being in touch with you, Warm regards, Deena. Omprakash informed me of several gatherings I have missed in the past couple of weeks.

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Will Bush and the military wait before dropping 30, bombs to say hello, we are here? The Taliban are running thin for friends and tolerance.

Gwen Winfree from Philadelphia will be doing something but I do not know what as I am sure many others in Philadelphia will be coming together, too. People are becoming more creative, but hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost, people are in shock, banks are sure to crash, things will get worse before leveling off, sad to say. Evil is driving the car. I found a two page bio by Richard Atenborough but nothing very good for connecting Gandhi to today. Considering its value and significance I have been working on it until now.

We have adjusted our timetable in order to include these topics. All of them were very enthusiastic. One of them wanted to know more about you In addition to this we are also in the process of contacting NGOs directly and indirectly involved in peace work. We hope to keep track of the responses and we will keep you informed. Thank you so much for presenting specific practical action at a time when we were wondering how best we could respond to this new unexpected situation.

In solidarity. She promised that she would think of special program on the 2nd. However, they will be holding a vigil again on 2nd October. Enclosed is a letter from Dr. Michael J. Lenaghan who will also spread the message and also keep the vigil on 2nd With regards V. Mohini Giri September 25, Hon. While at the center of a global community in the process of transformations of many kinds, our recent sadness at the hands of those who would demean, detract from and destroy the human progress inherent in open, participatory and more tolerant societies does not deter many of us who would envision this unfortunate object lesson of narrow, terroristic and anti-humanistic behavior as a pivotal point to learn from, to yearn from and to earn from.

To learn not to be reactionary and revengeful. To yearn for a more just and more participatory and more inclusive global society supportive and celebrative of diversity and convergence of basic humanity among us all. And to earn the respect, support and collaboration of those who want better, safer and more creative and contemplative lives in a planet and universe co-habited by humanity, not inhumanity with evil faces and hard hearts. In my college classes and among my friends, I will use the day of October 2 to reflect upon the potential and possibilities of my fellow woman and fellow man in my local and global community.

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Vigil: Spiritual reflections on your money and sanity - Kindle edition by Pamela Ayo Yetunde. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Vigil: Spiritual reflections on your money and sanity [Pamela Ayo Yetunde, Carrie Rehak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Other religious and secular founders and teachers are originators and in that tradition. Thank you for this invitation to share a oneness in peace at a time of distractions of terrorism and anti-humanism. Mike in Miami Dr. Regards, Nishit. Dear Kamala, thanks for informing us about October 2 nd. I will definitely forward it to the groups with whom we are working with. I am leaving for Bhopal on the 28 th and I will talk to the groups there. If we have any common appeal , please forward that to me. I spoke to Sagari and they are joining this event in Hyderabad. I will also forward this to the Medical Friends Circle Friends.

I can talk to Ms Kamala Menon at Mirambika and some of Ritwik's friends are keen to join us on october 2 nd. Do let me know if any thing we can do from this end. I will be there with friends. In solidarity Jamal. Roshan Dhunjibhoy wrote: We are already demonstrating to-day for peace.