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The finding aids can be searched by keyword or can be filtered by partner institution and alphabetically by title. By clicking on the title of a collection, you will be connected to the electronic finding aid. Each finding aid contains a navigation bar on its left side to facilitate movement to its different sections. Groove Baby is a colourful, very musical experience, featuring a live band and lots of audience interaction.

This performance is available for Touch Tours. This theatrical storytelling performance tells the tale of Maya, who climbs aboard a small boat to embark on a very big adventure!

Join Maya as she ventures across oceans, encounters mythical creatures, and learns some important lessons. This performance is also translated into BSL. Backbone Wed 15 May 7. A stripped-back, raw showcase of human ability and connection. With a powerful live soundtrack and beautiful lighting design. Flavour Migrations Fri 17 May 8pm. Get some cooking inspiration from Masterchef winner Shelina Permalloo.

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Malian Dance Night Mon 20 May 7. This is an evening of dance you will not want to miss. Take your ears on a musical adventure. Varhung: Heart to Heart Fri 24 May 8pm.

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This year, Brighton Festival is honoured to welcome Rokia into the creative cockpit to curate and weave her culture and style into every event. C26 F36yrs. I'm half a lawyer—I take it you won't dispute that. I think that for me the security of the family is really important. Super DeLamar v.

Following weeks of rehearsals, this production is shaping up to be a highlight of this special celebratory year of both their 15th birthday and years since The Lord Chamberlain's Men were first formed. We captured some of the magic in rehearsals, giving audiences a small insight into what to expect Pitch up with a chair and bring a picnic if you like. The buzz that the Festival brings to Brighton during May is electric!

I feel it myself and so does everyone I speak to about it. We have a lot of visitors who stay in our properties throughout the Festival because they are attending events. They are amazed at the choice and variety and always say they will be back again next year. Interested in becoming a Brighton Festival sponsor? Recently, I had the privilege of seeing Flight, an intricate moving diorama created and performed by Glasgow based company, Vox Motus. However, having only read outstanding reviews, I knew I was going to be immersed in something different from anything I had seen before.

At the beginning, different groups were taken into a room to wait before each person was taken to their individual seat inside a dark cubicle. I was given headphones with soft music playing, and instructions to get close. Immediately, the experience became incredibly personal. It began by introducing Aryan and Kabir, two Afghan brothers at the start of their ambitious journey from Kabul to London.

I was immediately drawn into a miniature world of carefully created wooden figures arranged into elaborate scenes.

The figures of Aryan and Kabir were depicted travelling by boat, train, on foot, and in the backs of lorries as they battle storms, imprisonment, and various other extreme situations that many migrants face. Each scene was crafted with the utmost intent. Simple images with purposeful lighting established each setting beautifully.

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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Valerie Brighton Part V: A Day of. Leisure file PDF Book only if you are. You can download and read online Valerie Brighton Part V: A Day of Leisure file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read.

Gripping sound effects accurately established the mood of each scene, whether dreamlike or eerie. Additionally, childlike voices truly made this experience both genuine and imaginative. In addition, sitting in a rotating chair made it more of an interactive experience, as I was able to move with the models as they drifted past. Vox Motus have succeeded in turning an awful reality into a poetic tragedy, both poignant and heart wrenching. In just an hour, Flight emotively illustrates themes of economic migration, modern-day slavery, sexual abuse, capitalism, and hope.

The exhaustion and hardship the boys face during their gruelling two-year journey attempting to cross borders into Europe is incredibly realistic. One aspect that particularly stood out to me was the creative decision to depict border control guards as seagulls; their loud dissonant squawking in place of speech — entirely unintelligible to the poor protagonists in an allegory for the French-Afghan language barrier — profusely exemplified the fright and anxieties they felt losing their liberty. The sympathy this draws is heart-wrenching. The story is mercilessly immersive, forcing the viewer to involve themselves in the plight of young refugees in a way that media coverage can never do.

Vox Motus have created a microscopic world to portray issues far bigger and provide an extremely confrontational experience. It becomes almost hard to believe that you are watching miniature models instead of real people. My expectations were exceeded, and I was left speechless.

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I would highly recommend seeing Flight, it was truly unforgettable. For your chance to see this unique show during its run at Brighton Festival, visit the Flight event page. Book now to see Flight at Brighton Festival. One day Maya packs her bag, ready to say goodbye to her home.

As she leaves, she finds a little paper boat and begins a very big adventure! Join Maya on a magical journey as she sets sail on a voyage full of sea-soaked folktales, discovers fabulous creatures, meets legends of far-flung oceans, and begins searching for her own story out on the rolling waves. Our paper boat will sail into your School, Library, Community Centre or Church Hall and our actors will present a minute show just for you and your community.

Become a Brighton Festival promoter — just get in touch and tell us you would like the show at your place and we will help you make it happen!

Guide Valerie Brighton Part V: A Day of Leisure

The show is available 20 — 24 May with performances in the morning and afternoon to suit your timetable. Please contact: paperboat brightonfestival. She is on fire right now and her new album is amazing. What impact do you think the Festival has for visitors, Brighton residents and for you? There is so much energy in the city in May. Everyone comes out to play and to explore, enjoying the longer days and the sunshine.

People are more adventurous and willing to try new things. Brighton Festival has always stood for internationalism and experimentation. It brings artists from all over the world to be here in dialogue with our city and residents. Flight is based on the novel Hinterland by Caroline Brothers. It tells the story of two young brothers travelling alone, on foot, from Afghanistan to London. Their journey is an odyssey: a tale of ever-changing fortunes that is in turns life affirming and horrifically brutal. It is a tale of love, brotherhood, the remarkable resilience of those fleeing turmoil, and the power of imagination.

Flight is a unique audience experience. Audience members sit in individual booths as a series of handmade diorama revolve before their eyes. The story and soundtrack unfold through a pair of headphones. Flight is rewarding on so many levels. The story is current, relevant and heart-wrenching. The experience is individual and immersive. Over the years that we developed Flight the narrative around refugees and asylum seekers in the UK became increasingly divisive and agenda-driven.

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We wanted to find a storytelling form that would bring this back to the truly personal: just you the audience and the brothers journeying together. Our world in miniature was born out of desire to create a one-to-one experience that played with form, challenged us as artists, and enriched the story and themes. We wanted to make something that was full of imagination that honoured the bravery and resilience of children who flee their homes in search of a safe haven.

The sound design and sound-track are also exceptional in their own right and open the experience up to music audiences. It is a brilliant show for teenagers, and we can provide some excellent resources for teachers to encourage class discussions around the subject matter. We have found that audiences have been completely floored by the emotional impact of the story. Still I Rise is about resilience, equality, being unapologetic for who you are, and rising. Expect a powerful, absorbing and emotive show. Award-winning artist Seeta Patel and choreographer Lina Limonsi join forces, creating a one-woman politically charged dance blending classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam and contemporary dance.

The programme focuses on the theme of exile and displacement.


We have used 16th century music to create a new work of art by adding texts based on first-hand accounts by contemporary migrants. These will be interspersed with music from Syrian-born Oud player Rihab Azar. The programme will be accompanied by projections and specially designed lighting, to give a unique and immersive experience, culminating in a work written specially for Stile Antico and Rihab Azar by the legendary composer Giles Swayne. This show will be a unique fusion of old and new music, a conversation between Eastern and Western cultures, exploring one of the most urgent issues of our times.