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Such experiences can be beneficial to high school students still exploring schools, majors, and career paths. The variety of summer programs abound. There are residential and commuter options. There are programs that offer college credits and those that do not. There are those that are less than a week and others that can have you on campus for as many as eight weeks.

Some are selective and available only to the most qualified students, and others operate on a first-apply first-accepted basis. Some have only a few open slots, others have many.

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Some are free of charge to those accepted, others offer financial assistance to those who need it, and still others are tuition-only. Students are encouraged to explore the schools, the length of the programs, the courses offered, and the costs of attending. With so many options, it is almost guaranteed that any student interested in the pre-college experience can find a good fit for their schedules and interests. But the number of options can be a little overwhelming. We at College Choice hope to make your exploration easier.

We have compiled a list of the 35 best pre-college summer programs, considering criteria such as: 1 a representative cost of one week of an extended-stay residential program; 2 the number of summer program options a school offers; and 3 the reputation of the programs based on freely available sources like U. While students in pre-college programs can gain from getting a jump start on college credits, dipping a toe in the waters of higher education, exploring a fascination, honing a skill, or just simply having something to do for the summer, they should not forget it is summer after all.

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Have fun! By opening the doors to adults who need flexibility to fit learning into their busy lives, we make it possible to achieve a high-quality education from a prestigious university system—completely online. Since , Grand Canyon University has been helping students find their purpose and achieve their potential by preparing them to pursue the profession of their dreams, advance in their current occupation, or re-career into a different field.

As a Christian university, GCU also encourages students to find their purpose in Christ, with an emphasis on applying Christian values and ethics to their studies and to the workplace. What are the top Pre-College Summer Programs? We were aware that many programs had scholarship and no-cost options, but in calculating the cost score, we selected an example, middle-range, tuition-based program on offer by each school, selecting neither the cheapest nor the most expensive if there was a wide variety.

Calculating the score for the number of programs and courses was little more than counting those things and assigning a score from 1 to based on the count. The score for the reputation of the programs was a bit less straightforward. We calculated that score by compiling rankings for summer programs from sites that specialize in summer program information. Emory University in Atlanta, GA offers a small liberal arts college environment within a major research university.

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The idyllic, tree-lined setting in the heart of a major metropolitan city is a perfect place for college-bound high school juniors and seniors to explore dozens of subjects and get a glimpse of academic and residential life. They may enroll in two-week non-credit courses or three-week institutes. Motivated students looking to get a head start on college can choose to enroll in six-week courses with college students and earn college credits.

With approximately students enrolled in the pre-college program at any given time, the relatively small size ensures that students receive personal attention from instructors and residence life staff. They also are able to meet a larger percentage of their classmates. The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has one of the most robust slate of summer programs for youth of all ages.

From weeks-long residential camps to day programs, from art to science to business, the university offers a wide variety of academic and enriching options.

Summer Programs for High School Students

Some of the most exciting programs for students exploring the college experience include the following:. ArcStart is a three-week long residential program offering students an introduction to architectural design. Students participate in a college architecture studio, build skills in workshops, and visit significant architecture projects in the region. The Summer Engineering Exploration Camp is a one-week, residential camp for students interested in engineering. Participants spend a week applying engineering concepts to solve a variety of design challenges, as well as learning about numerous engineering disciplines.

In addition to these programs there are also options for those interested in business, the health professions, language and culture, science, technology, and mathematics.

Carnegie Mellon is a world-class university in Pittsburgh, PA, offering six highly regarded summer pre-college programs. Each of these programs gives students a glimpse of what life is like on the acre urban campus. Whether the student eventually attends Carnegie Mellon or not, talented and motivated high school students can take university courses and earn college credits.

The Architecture Program is structured to introduce students to design creativity, historical perspective, technical excellence, social responsibility, and global and environmental leadership. Students are able to experience studying architecture in a university setting. The National High School Game Academy explores the video game industry and the skills needed to be successful in it. The program blends hands-on exercises and traditional lecture and discussion. With nearly thirty summer programs on its Bloomington campus, Indiana University has something for high school students with almost any academic interest.

Upper-level high school students can get a taste of college life while meeting peers with similar interests. The following programs are some of the exceptional options in technology, science, language, the arts, and more:. The Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program is an exciting opportunity for underrepresented high school students to broaden their horizons in science. Students can explore genetics, evolution, environmental, molecular biology, plant sciences, or a host of other scientific fields in this week-long residential program.

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The Business is Global: Summer Language Program provides students with an experience at t he intersection of business, language, and culture. The School of Global and International Studies combines forces with the Kelley School of Business to expose students to the cultures and communication styles of East Africa, East Asia, and Turkey, as well as the business practices in these regions and North America.

The Informatics and Computing Summer Camp is a week-long residential program that introduces students to latest trends in information technology, the Internet, Web design, networking, new media, database, gaming, and more. The experience gives students a glimpse of college life, allows them to explore career paths, learn from experts in the field, and have loads of fun with fellow campers who have similar interests.

Three two-week Pre-College Program sessions give students a residential and academic experience without the pressure of grades. Students can attend for two, four, or six weeks. The program offers over 50 noncredit courses in subjects like law, philosophy, computer programming, and public speaking. The structured days include classes, workshops, team-building events, and a variety of social activities.

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The Secondary School Program is more of a full immersion into college life. There are over courses for students to choose from for full college credit. Classes are attended with university undergraduates as well as other motivated high school students. At its campus in Evanston, IL, Northwestern University offers a handful of exceptional supplemental enrichment programs.

Some of them provide credits, while others give students opportunities to explore subjects or develop talents without the pressure of grades. There are two three-week session and a five-week session available depending on the courses chosen. Students may be eligible to earn one or two semesters of high school credits upon successful completion of Equinox courses. Each area offers a five-week program that is intensive and immersive, but also fun and enriching. Students study writing, reporting and editing for print, digital and broadcast.

The Summer Academies offers subject-intensive three week programs in biomedical research, chemistry research, experimental physics research, neuroscience research, social justice research, and mathematics. Residential and commuter options are available.

Follow these tips to help guide you along the process of writing your first post-college resume.

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In the Pre-College Program students enroll in undergraduate courses alongside Penn students and receive college credit, while exploring the university as a residential student. It is a true Penn experience. A similar commuter option is available in the Young Scholars Program. Students interested in everything from business to architecture to engineering and more can find a program at Penn to help them explore and prepare for college life.

These intense two week programs are rigorous and rewarding.