Gods Journey: On the Topics of Personal and Collective Evolution, as well as the Meaning of Life

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By scientism we mean not science, science is awesome, scientism is dogmatic claims in the name of science.

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There was the great flaring force of cosmological evolution in which the cosmos, the physical universe as we know it comes into being. Then that physical world that we like to call the physio-sphere awakens again in this momentous leap into life. The biosphere. Then the third Big Bang, the third great cycle of evolution, right, is the awakening of culture of human life as we know it. As consciousness becoming aware of itself, of self-reflection to these 3 Big Bangs. Cosmological evolution, biological evolution, cultural evolution are part of the great story of reality. We realize reality is not a static, eternal, unchanging fact.

Reality is a story, and stories have plot-lines. What we said last week was, in the first episode, is that based on the best information available to us at this moment in time in history we know something about the plot-line of the story. The plot-line of the story is love. Not at all, it is the best approximation of the integration of all knowledge we have today, and all of the sciences across the board available to us at this moment in time. What we said in our first episode is just like in our lives the organizing principle is love, that we seek love and we seek to love.

We seek to move towards to make contact. An attraction allurement being drawn towards and the desire to give, right. To love and to be loved lie at the very core of our reality. Which is why the entire world is driven by music and most of the songs in music are love songs.

The Believing Brain: Evolution, Neuroscience, and the Spiritual Instinct

Music itself in its essential structure is about attraction and allurement, right, between notes. All or Mathematics that is a kind of symmetry, right, of attraction. That love is the nature of reality itself. The plot-line of reality is love. One of the most popular ideas, right, deeply rooted in the writings of Donald Winnicott, and some of his predecessors, Donald Winnicott is a great psychological theorist.

I mean sometimes I feel secure, sometimes I avoid. One of the things that we know now is that nature of our attachment to our early caretakers, the nature of the inner quality of that relationship is actually one of the primary indicators for the entire rest of our lives. One of the core principles of attachment theory is that if a baby is completely taken care of, fed, kept warm, a roof over its head, a great Deluxe Rolls Royce crib, right.

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Why would that cause massive neurosis, even sometimes psychosis? Why would it cause a host of psycho-social, and psychological, and mental breakdowns right across the life of the baby as is documented in the psychological literature of attachment theory?

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The mother or father for the baby is the universe, right. The mother and father, the early caretakers are the universe of the baby. The fact that the baby has all the accoutrements of survival is insufficient to produce a whole and healthy baby. That would make no sense at all if the universe was just about survival. No, the universe is a love story, and because the universe is a love story attachment really makes sense. Does everybody get that?

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What that tells you is is that the notion that the universe is a love story is the implicit, unspoken axiom of attachment theory. So lady B, beloved, my beloved in the universe is a love story, take it away. Conscious of the billions and billions of years it took for us to get here. The food we eat, the babies we have, the stories we tell, the thoughts we think, is affecting the evolution of our whole species. It starts with no-thing at all.

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It starts with consciousness. It starts with source, with spirit, with God, and out of that no-thing at all came the Big Bang. In which were patterned the exact energy and structures that made it possible for the entire universal story to emerge. That Big Bang as they call it is literally in every one of us. We were originated by a perfectly, incredibly beautiful design that has created matter, life, human life, and now planetary human life.

Just going around the next turn in the spiral of evolution, and you can visualize the whole story of conscious evolution as a spiral. Starting with the remarkable 2 seconds of energy that is like sperm hitting the egg, the process began. The god force activated, created the energetic that began this whole system, and the mystery of that is beyond any ones full understanding. Whether we think God did it, whether we are scientists and we think it happened through physical activity alone.

Whether we are aware of the mystery of it as a spiritual story of creation. However we see it, the fact is that we now know it happened. We can see it as a spiral formation of universe, and then see the next turn on the spiral the formation of earth. The rock of earth gets formed. Amazing miracle, and then on that rock of earth who could have imagined life, the little tiny single cells, and the DNA begin to invent itself.

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And there is nobody on earth right now who could even invent a DNA. That genetic code at the center of every cell. That genetic code began to replicate, replicate, replicate, until the earth became filled with life.

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Then out of that miracle we had fish coming out on the seas onto the dry land. There was no vegetation. It was barren. If we had landed out of the seas at that time we would have had to wear a space suit or we would not have been able to breathe. All of that has been formed over these billions and billions of years, and then we see the very origins of early human life.

Then finally us Homo Sapiens Sapiens. With conscious evolution we recognize that every thought, every thing, everything that we do is affecting our own evolution, and you might say even deeper, we know that we are evolution. Every atom, molecule, and cell of ourselves is evolution. We know that whatever that process is that brought us from no-thing at all to everything that is, is animated in you and me right now as our own impulse.

To be more, to love more, and to do more, and to express more of our own creativity. When we become conscious of evolution we become conscious of the awesome source of creation, creating within us. God requires one to obey the revealed moral law, saying: "love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbour as yourself".

The Apostle Paul also answers this question in his speech on the Areopagus in Athens : "And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.

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These words bespeak the Christocentric orientation of the whole Christian life. If you practice your connection with God Shiva and Shakti , then your reality will be to experience the world through the lenses of the expression of the divine. Rev "and is enriched by the means necessary for carrying out her mission in the world. From the standpoint of the Christian life as a whole, the vocation to the consecrated life is, despite its renunciations and trials, and indeed because of them, a path "of light " over which the Redeemer keeps constant watch: " Rise, and have no fear ". So well explained!! Self and Soul are the flip sides of the same coin. God's people, for their part, find in the ordained ministry the means of salvation, and in the consecrated life the incentive to make a full and loving response through all the different forms of Christian service.

Catholicism 's way of thinking is better expressed through the Principle and Foundation of St. Ignatius of Loyola : "The human person is created to praise, reverence, and serve God Our Lord, and by doing so, to save his or her soul. All other things on the face of the earth are created for human beings in order to help them pursue the end for which they are created.

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It follows from this that one must use other created things, in so far as they help towards one's end, and free oneself from them, in so far as they are obstacles to one's end. To do this, we need to make ourselves indifferent to all created things, provided the matter is subject to our free choice and there is no other prohibition. Thus, as far as we are concerned, we should not want health more than illness, wealth more than poverty, fame more than disgrace, a long life more than a short one, and similarly for all the rest, but we should desire and choose only what helps us more towards the end for which we are created.

Mormonism teaches that the purpose of life on Earth is to gain knowledge and experience and to have joy. Mormons teach that God provided his children the choice to come to Earth, which is considered a crucial stage in their development—wherein a mortal body, coupled with the freedom to choose, makes for an environment to learn and grow. A recent alternative Christian theological discourse interprets Jesus as revealing that the purpose of life is to elevate our compassionate response to human suffering; [] nonetheless, the conventional Christian position is that people are justified by belief in the propitiatory sacrifice of Jesus' death on the cross.

This classic formula can show you how to live more heroically

In Islam , humanity's ultimate purpose is to discover their creator Allah English: The God through His signs, and be grateful to Him through sincere love and devotion. This is practically shown by following the Divine guidelines revealed in the Qur'an and the Tradition of the Prophet. Earthly life is a test, determining one's position of closeness to Allah in the hereafter.